• A character who drinks a potion made from white water-lilies automatically gets the full Hit Die value of any Hit Dice spent to regain hit points during their next short rest.

• A character who drinks a potion made from red water-lilies adds +2 damage to all melee weapon attacks made for the next hour.


A beautiful floating plant with oval leaves and white or yellow flowers, the water-lily is found wherever the Forest River and the River Running slow their courses in winding loops, but it is not encountered under the shade of Mirkwood at all. Its flowers open in all their beauty only by midday, to close again when evening approaches. Water-lilies are often collected as decoration, and placed in bowls filled with water or woven into garlands. A drink prepared using flowers and petals of white water-lilies fortifies the body, while the rare red water-lily is said to reinforce the fighting spirit.


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